(CBS Connecticut) — Without mentioning Governor Dannel Malloy by name, the Hartford Police Union today said it is sickened by him and other “so called leaders who rush to judgement in any incident without knowing the facts.”

In a written statement released today, the union said a “comment by an elected official about being ‘sickened, momentarily’ when seeing the video [was] prejudicial towards the officer.”

It was widely reported that Malloy recently said he was “sickened, momentarily” when he saw video of a teenager being shocked by a Hartford Police officer’s stun gun.

The police union says a grainy video of the incident does not tell the whole story.

The police union also says Chief James Rovella sent the wrong message, when he walked alongside demonstrators yesterday, at a protest calling for charges to be dropped aginast the 18-year-old, and filed against the officer.

Hartford Police Union Statement

While they were marching to the police department, one of the demonstration’s organizers said protesters did not want to speak with Chief James Rovella at that time.

“Thank you very much for coming, I apologize if I irritated anybody out there,” Rovella said to demonstrators when they arrived at the lobby of the police department. “Our intentions were honorable, that we walk with you, and explain some of our thoughts.”

In response to a question from one of the demonstrators about video cameras for officers, Rovella said “Body cams are something we have been exploring with the police union. It is a negotiable item, and we have been talking about it for several months.”

Rovella told demonstrators he would have to decide on the outcome of the investigation into the original incident, and that decision could be some time away.


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