By Ray Dunaway

A message to the Republican House from the President of the United States:

“Stop hatin’ all the time”

Yesterday speaking before a backdrop consisting of carefully- selected human props in Kansas City, Barack Obama let the members of the House have it.

He called them out for representing the people they represent (or in Obama campaign-speak, “Folks”). And that’s just about the most hateful thing a politician can do.

But what’s amusing is the recent trend amongst political types is the attempt to get down with the “peeps”, or “folks” by droppin’ the g.

A major reason for Obama’s victory in 2012 was found in the exit polling. In reply to the question:” X cares about people like me, Obama won by an overwhelming margin.

So all someone running, or runnin’ for office need do, is drop a “g” or two and like magic- a instant connection.

Just tell them you’re fightin’ for the little guy and you can start selectin’ the staff for your D.C. office.

No kiddin’!

Naturally, this works only in limited instances, generally when addressin’ the most gullible amongst us, Obviously, when hangin’ around on the Vineyard, this technique is not advisable, nor necessary.

It’s unfair, though, to pin all this on Obama. Many political-types do it.

For example, the Pride of Beacon Hill, and Squaw Valley, John Kerry:

“Can I get me a huntin’ license here?”

Pure populist gold!

Though Bill Clinton was a master at “g”-droppin’, no one will every match Hillary Clinton’s display of mastery (and condescension) in this clip, recorded during the 2008 primary campaign season.

That’s true authenticity right there:

We’re talkin’ collard greens.

With foie gras.