By Ray Dunaway

Over the past months I’ve noted the insanity that poses as serious, meaningful thought: child- rearing advice contained in “The Kind Mama” from Alicia Silverstone (one such tip- pre-chewing your toddler’s food), global warming, and “trigger warnings”.

Trigger warnings are being required by many college administrators to alert students that words, or thoughts are soon to follow and that this material may force sensitive souls to curl up in the fetal position on the classroom floor.

A quick point: you may have noticed a billboard visible from 84 Eastbound near the Sisson Exit with the word “psycho”. The message then lets us know that “words matter” and so using the word “psycho” could “trigger” bad feelings in someone.

To quote Eric Begosian Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words cause permanent damage”.

If being called or seeing the word “psycho” might set them off, shouldn’t there be a billboard preceding that would alert the sensitive driver of possibly hurtful material down the road?

Trigger warning!

Our lesson for today comes courtesy of UK’s “The Guardian”. It seems that one Tracy Van Slyke has decided to take on “Thomas the Tank Engine”, charging the show with the holy trinity of PC; Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia. And, because the engines use coal, they’re obviously killing polar bears.  Here’s the link to the story. Enjoy!

Yet another reading from the Gospel according to Tracy, patron saint of the Church Of Our Lady Of Perpetual Indignation.



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