HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – People who love their pets know that medications from a vet can get expensive.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, along with New York Sen. Charles Schumer, would like to see a change in how pet owners get pills for their pets.

“It’s important and has to be taken care of,” Anthony Pires, who has a dog named Max, told WFSB. “So I don’t question it, I just pay for it.”

The Senators would like the vet to be able to write a prescription so an owner can get the medication cheaper.

“If you were told the medicine you were buying was 200 percent more expensive than it needs to be for yourself, you would be outraged,” Blumenthal told the station. “The same is happening for pets.”

If their bill is passed, it would require vets to write prescriptions instead of selling it themselves.

The senators want owners to know that pet medication is currently available at most pharmacies and that they have the right to ask their vet for a prescription.

“Pet owners would do almost anything for their furry, feathered, four-legged family members,” Schumer said.  “But to do so often breaks the bank and the reason again is because too often they don’t get prescriptions from their vets. The vets sell them the medicine directly and it’s much more expensive.”

Experts suggest a few ways to help keep expenses down when bringing your pet to a vet.  They suggest you trim your pet’s nails, clean their ears, and clean their eyes at home.

They also suggest to bring your pet in for checkups instead of waiting until something is wrong.


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