By Ray Dunaway

As is usually the case, most everything is political.  Especially the children’s crusade currently taking place on the Southern Border.

Earlier this week, the administration submitted a supplemental spending bill to Congress to address the problem.

The request, originally expected to cost 2,000,000,000 dollars, will now ask for 3,700,000,000 to fund the response. Lot of zeroes, huh? That’s why I avoided the usual 2 billion or 3.7 billion makes the amounts seem smaller. Of course, in the world of government, that’s spare change found in the couch cushions money. BTW- the Federal Budget is 3,700,000,000,000 dollars, as opposed to 3.7 trillion dollars.

If you think then such a sum would pay for the cost of housing, and then returning the waifs to their home countries, and funding to step up border security, you would be right.  And wrong.

HHS, fresh from the triumphant rollout of Obamacare, will receive 1,800,000,000 to temporarily provide room, board, medical care and monopoly games for those described by the President as “America’s Future”.

As opposed to your kids- who are not apparently.

$300,000,000 will go to the State Department to improve domestic security (border control perhaps?), and encourage economic reforms in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

And $64,000,000 goes to AG Holder to appoint additional immigration judges to deal with the deportation process.

Holder will get right on it, as soon as he finishes suing North Carolina for voter suppression. After all, the state now requires those wishing to vote to show a photo ID.

Which can be provided at taxpayer expense if money’s tight. Hello, Jim Crow.  Oh, wait! Immigration activists are unhappy at the prospect of enhanced security, so that may have to be delayed for a while. And the repatriation plan may be a problem as well.

Clearly a task force is need here to study the matter.

Naturally, Congress will never pass this proposal. And that’s the plan.

Obama can continue building his case against those evil Republicans in the House, and blame them for refusing to deal with the crisis, which will get worse.  Angering most Americans.  With luck, the situation might stretch out to November when those angry citizens head to the polls. And maybe they’ll express their anger by voting the bastards out, especially those who are members of the GOP.

As the A-Team”s “Hannibal” Smith always said:
“I love it when a plan comes together!”


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