Let’s hit the links this Monday.

To begin- science! Which in this case may not be settled. Seriously! Professor Breanne Fahs at Arizona State University is offering extra credit to students who take part in a bold societal study. For one semester, female students must refrain from shaving their underarms, while males must be hair-free from the neck down. Participants must maintain a journal recounting their experiences and the reactions of others to this blatant violation of social norms. I’ll let you read the rest, but I would like to point out that out-of-state tuition, at ASU is 25,000 dollars. Seeing as how a student could pay well over two times that at an Ivy League school, and have a chance to do research of a similar vein, Dr. Fahs course is a relative bargain.  See here.

A week or two ago, Director and environmentalist James Cameron emerged from one of his two spacious houses to issue yet another step towards controlling greenhouse emissions, which contribute to global warming, or climate change, or climate disruption, or whatever it’s called, usually based upon current weather conditions. And what is to be done? Vegetarianism! No more meat. Ever.

By the way, the picture is a view of Cameron’s Malibu bungalow- visual evidence documenting his dedication to cutting his carbon footprint.

Anyway, to cut methane emissions from livestock, chickens, pigs, and other sources of protein, Cameron, who has become vegan himself, wants us all to follow his example (except for the houses, boats, and private jet part, of course)

It’s time to take the moral high ground and head for the garden. But it turns out that option may have a downside, as well,. According to this story, plants can hear as they’re being eaten.

Imagine the terror!

Finally, you no doubt heard the flap over former Secretary-of- State Clinton being paid a couple of hundred thousand dollars to speak at UConn, especially since the school recently announced a significant tuition increase. If you are one of those upset, perhaps it will make you feel better to know that the money was donated to charity.

The Clinton Foundation in fact, which offers aid to “dead broke” families of former Presidents.

Feel better now?


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