By Ray Dunaway

Sorry about yesterday, but I was at Goodwin College yesterday for a client presentation; I have a note from the sales department.

Now back to it…

Just a couple of short items this morning, most – no- all of which were absent from the morning “news” shows.

Earlier in the week, GDP figures for the first quarter were lowered again, to reflect a contraction of nearly 3 percent. Experts placed the blame on the polar vortex, which brought unusually cold temperatures to much of the US. So cold weather slows economic activity.

But perhaps not. Senator Ted Cruz in a tweet this morning pointed out that in 1985, the nation was in the grips of yet another polar vortex during the first quarter, and the economy grew by 4 percent.

And more computer troubles. There was the fiasco which ruined the ACA rollout. And though the claim the problems have been solved, it’s still impossible to determine the number of enrollees, and how many that have signed up have actually paid. And of course, there is the IRS, in which the evil Lois Lerner(now retired on a nice pension) was unable to produce emails due to the crash of her office PC. Oh, and the same thing happened to the computers of 5 or 6 others under investigation. And the server crashed as well, and had to be put down, or shredded or something.

Now the EPA reports that they, too, seem to have lost email data due to……computer crashes. Not just computers, you understand, the servers too. The emails were subpoenaed as congress investigated suspected irregularities in a number of permitting procedures.

In other EPA news, here’s a delightful story concerning some problems cropping up in the agency’s Denver office. I’ll just let you follow the link.

And finally, authorities along the nation’s southern border are becoming overwhelmed by “children” from Central America, some requiring men’s 7x briefs, according to an RFP from DHS (which goes to show the childhood obesity crisis is not solely limited to the United States). The current theory is that they were prompted to head North by Facebook postings promising Obama phones, SNAP cards, Section 8 housing, and of course, free contraceptives. And did Charlie and Gayle and whoever-the-heck is on that morning show now mention that the Feds contracted with transportation companies to escort young children to various locations once they crossed the border? And that the agreement was signed early this year?

A number of communities are refusing to take in the immigrants, citing the fiscal challenges they already face as it is.

So let’s do this. Since transportation is already under contract, why don’t the kids, and men, and women travel to Washington. They could camp on the Mall temporarily until members of Congress, Lobbying firms, media stars, and administration officials can fix up a spare bedroom in Georgetown, or Alexandria, Silver Spring or Annandale and take them in. Judging from aerial photos of NYT columnist Tom Freidman’s crib, he alone could take in several dozen. Maybe turn over an entire wing. Judging from conditions prevalent in their home countries, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sharing a room.

And finally, as the USA and Germany prepare to face off, the “cult of personality” rolls on:

usa vs germany


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