By Ray Dunaway

Well, that settles it for me. As we discussed yesterday our oceans are in need of saving. As Leonardo DiCaprio observed recently, “Without oceans, we are in serious trouble”. Just ask those with beachfront property what would happen to their property values.

But St. Leonardo’s brilliant observation just wasn’t quite enough to win me over to the faith of climate change, but now, the scales have fallen from my eyes, as was the case with St. Paul on the road to Damascus. It’s time to join the First Church of Climate Change and Eternal Oceans.

I owe it all to Ellen Barkin, the star of “The Big Easy” and “Sea Of Love”. Let’s face it, she’s hot- global warming hot. Yesterday, Ms. Barkin was all over twitter and was smacking down the “man”, the “man” in this case former VP Dick Cheney, who along with this wife recently announced the formation of a non-profit foundation to encourage the nation’s return to a position of leadership internationally. They expressed in interviews their concerns over the nation, and the world’s future.

Well, for Ellen Barkin, that was just too much.

“It’s a shame the warmongering Cheneys don’t see climate change as a “clear and present danger.”

Or, on a snarky note:

“Oh wait, I forgot, climate change was invented by the left…and the rest of the world..,except hardline GOPers” (Actually she’s closer to the truth here than she realizes. “Invented” is the operative word)

And finally, she nails the coffin shut.

“If I could get them to believe God invented climate change..hello Noah!..and that belief made them money, well, then they’d believe”

Well, maybe they could make money-but not nearly as much money as Al Gore has made selling “Easy Al’s Carbon Credits”. Carbon trading is a form of modern day alchemy, in which one can take a colorless, odorless, and benign gas, and after uttering a couple of meaningless phrases, and perform a few insignificant gestures, turn that gas into a 15000 square foot “summer cottage” built on a 76 acre “compound” Martha’s Vineyard.

It can be done. Just ask Laurie David, producer of “Inconvenient Truth”.


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