By: Brittni Michaelis

When professional athletes cross the line either on or off the court/ice/field, the respective league will take action. When rules are broken, consequences are suffered. When athletes play dirty, they are often held responsible whether it be a fine or a suspension. With the recent season-long suspension of Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington making news, let’s take a look at other hefty player suspensions throughout the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB. 

1. Alex Rodriguez 

Obviously. Did you really think it would be anyone else? A-Rod was handed down a 211 game suspension from Bud and the gang over at MLB but was reduced to a season-long suspension which he is currently serving. Let this be a lesson kids. Follow the rules and stay away from the juice …

154120157  1  Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

2. Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest

Remember the “Malice at the Palace” back in 2004. The former Indiana Pacer went into the stands and tried to fan fights on the court. Ronny’s part in that assured him an 86 game suspension (regular season and playoffs). Doesn’t seem very peaceful to me … 

51768406 Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

3. Latrell Sprewell

As a Golden State Warriors, Sprewell choked and threatened to kill his coach, P.J. Carlesimo, during practice. Practice? We talkin bout practice, Spre. Take a book out of Iverson’s page. The NBA suspended him 68 during the 1997 season.

52134646 Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

4. Guillermo Mota

The San Francisco Giants pitcher was suspended 100 games after alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. It was his second violation. Repeat offender alert. 

154365218 Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

5. Plaxico Burress

Because he shot himself in the leg and was charged with illegal weapons possession, the NFL fined him 4 games. While it doesn’t seem like a long suspension don’t forget that Burress went to prison for two years which brings the total time missed to 36 games. 

121692878  1  Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

6. Chris Simon

Back in 2007, the former New York Islander was suspended 30 games by the NHL after stomping on a defensive Pittsburgh Penguin player while he was on the ice. He was also fined almost $300,000. In this case you don’t want to listen to or do what “Simon Says.”

73523755  1  Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

7. Donte Stallworth

The Cleveland Browns WR was suspended for the entire 2009 season after killing someone while driving under the influence. That hardly seems like enough time, Goodell. 

79498713 Longest Suspensions In Sports History

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


Honorable mention: Ryan Braun (MLB, 65 games), Manny Ramirez (MLB, 50 games), Gilbert Arenas (NBA, 50 games), Jesse Boulerice (NHL, 25 games) 


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