By Ray Dunaway

After learning of the VA scandal from various news reports (Sportscenter on ESPN. Maybe?) the President was reported to be “angry as hell,” so to cool himself off, he spent the weekend playing 18 holes of golf, and taking Joe “King of the Prom” Biden out for burgers at a D. C. restaurant, the Burger Shack.  Nothing like a solid steak burger to take the edge off.  Of course, because of his busy schedule, he couldn’t find time to get details on problems at the Veteran’s Administration, which if you weren’t aware, is the second- largest federal agency.

He did manage to find time to do a little fundraising for Democrats facing elections in a couple of months.  Last night’s soiree was at the 5 million dollar Maryland home of Jeff and Lora Drezner, where 65 close friends paid 10,000 (coach) to 32,400 (first class w/early boarding) to spend some quality time with the chief executive.  In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Drezner (he’s a psychiatrist) proclaimed the ACA to be a “wild success”.

And for him, it very well may be.  Dr. Drezner founded a company known as Clinical Care Options, which provides information online to inform doctors of treatment options for their patients suffering from AIDs, cancer, and hepatitis, to name but a few areas covered, and to access this information, docs have to subscribe for a less than modest fee.

If you’ve talked to a healthcare professional lately, you may know that a part of “Obamacare” requires them to install computers systems that will interface with HHS.  This connection, no doubt engineered by CGI, will collect medical records of all patients for a nationwide database, and set forth protocols for treatment that physicians will be required to follow. If they deviate from the recommendations, they’ll have to come up with a good reason, or HHS will, in the best case scenario, cut reimbursement. In the worst instance- well- Guantanamo is still up and running.

To put everything together, Doctors will have to stick to approved treatment guidelines or face penalties.  Clinical Care Options provides approved courses of action and is, by the way, a huge donor to Democrats.. I wonder if…, that’s silly.

Or is it?

All I know is that Jeff Drezner’s seems optimistic.


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