By Ray Dunaway

Ok critics, you can knock it off. With the release a week or two ago of Steven King’s newest work- soon to be made into a feature film, known as the national climate assessment, a number of doubters claimed they’d believe in climate change if a number of prominent figures calling for immediate energy rules would “walk the walk”. Last week the White House did just that.

To indicate just how seriously the President was taking the threat of “Climate Disruption” major steps were taken, namely, the installation of solar panels at the White House. Because of security concerns, the area covered with the panels was limited- but still………………

The new solar installation will provide (depending on the amount of sun available) up to 44 kilowatt hours of Gaia-pleasing electricity per day. Now that may sound significant, but it’s not as big a deal as the hype may suggest.

The average American home consumes around 30 kw/hrs per day, so while 44kwh>30kwh it’s s not that much more. To put things in perspective, the energy produced on a sunny day would be enough to power 22 100 watt light bulbs for 20 hours per day. The Boston Globe was not able to obtain figures as to the cost.

The administration did state for the record that this move is to serve as an example to us to reduce reliance on foreign energy, and to cut emissions blamed for global warming, which according to the IPCc has stalled since the late 90’s. See- it’s working already!

However, I’m guessing that the White House consumes more power on a daily basis than enough to power a mere 20 hundred watt bulbs.

But it’s a start.

But I can think of a couple of more ways to cut the Executive Mansion’s dreaded carbon footprint.

How about cutting the size of Presidential Motorcades used for trips to fundraisers and for making burger runs in half? Wouldn’t a dozen be enough? Or does Valerie Jarrett need her own armored limo? And why not replace the multi- ton “beast” with a Ford Escape? You’d be surprised how roomy the interior is. Better yet, ditch the motorcade entirely, park Air Force One, and teleconference. Go to Meeting is really very good. Word has it, the President likes to keep the Oval Office at a nice 68-72 degrees. Maybe the staff could tweak the thermostat up a couple of degrees in the summer. Or drop it a corresponding amount in the winter. Besides, according to the NCA, in the near future, winter will be a thing of the past.

So there’s a lot of work yet to be done, but to be fair, 20 light bulbs is good start.

I can feel the CO2 levels dropping already.


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