By Ray Dunaway

And you think you have problems? They pale compared to the challenges facing others.

Take the President… Last night at fundraiser number 2, 165 in Hollywood, he decried the partisanship that dominates Washington, and prevents him from doing what needs to be done, at least as he sees it. Of course, there’s always the phone and the pen, but apparently that’s just not enough.

At a fundraiser held at the home of 99 percenter Alan Horn, CEO of Disney, a small start-up venture, Obama lamented the effects of money on our political process. And the 90 contributors agreed. Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, and Jeffrey Katzenberg- all of whom had paid 10,000 to 32,000 bucks to be present expressed their concerns about how a ‘partisan media” and big money donors had fueled public cynicism. And we all know how partisan media outlets such as Disney, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, Ladies Home Journal, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone have mercilessly hounded America’s 44th president. Is he exaggerating? Perhaps a little, though Fox News still exists (for now), so there is some validity to his complaint.

The President asked those assembled to dig deep and come up with Big Money to get the “Big Money” out of politics. After all: KOCH BROTHERS!

The President did his part to get the money out of politics by detouring Force One to survey tornado damage near Little Rock, Arkansas thereby enabling taxpayers to pay for his L.A. trip, and in doing so provided a case study demonstrating the benefits of public financing.