48 hours ago, we were on the verge of tipping off the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final…. 46 hours ago when the dust settled, it was UConn over Notre Dame…… by 21. The Irish, who played a less than stellar ACC schedule this season which they dominated was dominated like no team this season. Even if Natalie Achonwa was in the lineup, it may have changed the score by…8-10 points at best. But without her, they had NO answers for the post duo of Dolson and Stewart. Stef’s best game of her career with 17p 16R and 7a’s…And add what Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis did inside, well…That’s more than enough. And when the Irish 3 point well ran dry, well the Huskies ran away.

Even Muffet McGraw, who has caught a lot of flack for not applauding Stewey’s selection as AP POY Saturday said it’d be hard to enjoy the fruits of their labor after what UConn did to them Tuesday Night. It was another defensive clinic by the Huskies. The Irish scored only 20 points in the 2nd half as UConn just gave them noting. It was truly impressive to watch as Bria Hartley and Stefanie Dolson wrapped up their careers perfectly.

And yes, then fact that they beat the Irish by 21 wasn’t expected…But between the finite preparation and the fact the guys won the previous night was more than enough motivation needed to get over the top. And the end result showed it’s now UConn & everyone else..Who gives then a game next season ? It’s a good, aggressive non league schedule. 4 new freshmen, and the Stewey, Tuck, KML and Mo quartet will be a handful for most teams…..

My thanks to Bria and Stef…Two wonderful kids that Geno and many others will miss for plenty of reasons..And congrats on Title #9. Connecticut is indeed the College Basketball Capital of the Country….Again 🙂


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