(CBS Connecticut)  — As the University of Connecticut Huskies approached the NCAA basketball championship game,  governors and other elected representatives of the states involved entered into friendly wagers over the outcome,  The stakes were food products — including agricultural products, chocolate, wine, and bourbon.  But one of the more unusual bets involved Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Before the men’s final,the two agreed that the loser would wear the necktie of the winner’s home team.  The UConn Huskies defeated the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54,  So, Wednesday afternoon on the Capitol steps,  Rand Paul donned a blue tie with a white repeating pattern of the  UConn Huskies mascot,  and after jokingly demanding a recount,  offered his congratulations.

Blumenthal told him the tie looked better on the Republican from Kentucky.



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