“Governor Malloy’s announcement that he’s running for re-election doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The governor has been in full campaign mode for the past six months, raising campaign cash from state contractors in a pay-to-play shakedown and misleading voters about his record in a desperate attempt to improve his abysmal approval rating.

“Unfortunately for the governor, the numbers don’t lie: Connecticut’s economy is among the worst in the nation, our unemployment rate remains significantly higher than the national average, and hundreds-of-thousands of Connecticut families are struggling to make ends meet.

“Under Governor Malloy, we have gone in the wrong direction. As many states are enjoying real economic recovery, Connecticut continues to lag far behind.

“Governor Malloy faces a difficult challenge over the next 8 months as he tries to run on a record that includes the largest tax hike in state history, $3 billion in spending increases, and an economy that continues to stagnate. Voters know that Connecticut can’t afford four more years of Dan Malloy.”


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