Here’s what you can expect on Tuesday January 28th with Ray Dunaway.

6:50- Rich Hanley, Associate Professor/Journalism Quinnipiac University is here to talk about the hiring of a staffer in Bristol to post on Twitter and Facebook. Are more and more companies and organizations, in this case a city, leaning towards self-public promotion vs. a PR firm or person?

7:20- Kevin Lembo, State Comptroller is on to discuss Putting a surplus into state’s ‘rainy day fund.

8:20- Rep Tony Guerrera ,General Assembly’s Transportation Committee is on with Ray.  Guerrera will have a bill that addresses the issue of the ice melt chemicals that are wrecking cars’ undercarriages.

8:50- Christine Harbin Hanson, Americans for Prosperity federal affairs manager is on the air with a preview of what can be expected from President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address.  Christine says that the president will likely call for even higher levels of government spending and the continued expansion of dependence on government programs. Although specific details haven’t been released, expectations include a call for an increased minimum wage and extending emergency jobless benefits. Many of the president’s proposals in previous addresses have led to an increased deficit and programs the taxpayers are on the hook for paying – neither of which greatly benefit the American people.

All this, plus Weather and Traffic on the 8′s, Scott Gray’s Sports Commentary and much more.  Tune in to WTIC NewsTalk 1080 or Click Here to listen online.


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