The State’s Petition For Certification before the state Supreme Court in the Eddie Perez case.

A state’s attorney today filed paperwork seeking to get the Connecticut Supreme Court to consider restoring former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez’s corruption conviction.

Back in 2010, the city leader was convicted of taking a bribe in the form of free home renovations from a city contractor. He was also convicted of extorting a developer, to get money paid to a political ally.

But the state Appellate Court recently threw out the conviction.  Although the Appellate Court noted that there was enough evidence to convict, it found that the two sets of charges should have been tried in different cases, instead of being tried together, before the same jury.

The state now argues that the Supreme Court should review the case, and ultimately reinstate the convictions. The state’s attorney argues that jurors were able to understand that certain testimony applied only to one set of charges and not the other.

The state argues that it would not be good public policy to throw out Perez’s conviction on the theory that the two cases should have been separated.

Perez’s attorney argued that it was unfair to try both sets of charges together, because the mayor wanted to take the stand in one case, but not the other.


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