BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (CBS Hartford) – Sen. Chris Murphy has characterized Republicans who have resisted new gun laws as “gun control Darwinists.”

“They really believe that the best way to get guns out of the hands of criminals is to put guns into the hands of both good guys and bad guys, and just hope that the good guys shoot the bad guys,” Murphy said, according to The Daily Beast. “That is the ethic behind Stand Your Ground laws. That is part of the resistance to background checks. There are a lot of people who do not want to pass new gun laws because they really do think that the free market will solve every problem, including the gun violence problem.”

Murphy explained that he thinks there is a misunderstanding of the power of the gun lobby and the true power of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  He asserted that the NRA does a lot of power or influence even though the group is everywhere voicing their opinions.

“I think there is a complete misunderstanding of the power of the gun lobby,” he explained. “I made this argument until I was blue in the face to my colleagues. I told them, ‘You are totally misreading the NRA’s power. They lost in 13 of the 16 Senate races they got involved in. They went after President Obama in state after state, and they lost in state after state. These guys are paper tigers.’”

After the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last year, Murphy has changed some of his political focus.  He has become a supporter and voice in the gun control battle seeking to not let another shooting like what took place in his state happen again.

Murphy explained that gun control Darwinists are in enslaved “to an industry that has to build up paranoia in order to convince a handful of survivalists and constitutionalists to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on guns because they have convinced people that there are going to be black helicopters descending on your house to steal your guns.”

The senator explained that there will be consequences on both sides of the aisle for people involved in the gun control debate.

“Look, it is a mistake for people to focus on the small handful of Democrats who voted for this, because 90 percent of Americans favor expanded background checks and 90 percent of Democrats voted for it,” Murphy explained. “But I care so deeply about this issue that I understand there are going to be consequences for both my friends and my adversaries if they continue to sit on the sidelines.”

He knows that getting a gun bill passed is a long, uphill battle that needs an infrastructure built for those supporting the efforts.

“In the weeks and months after Sandy Hook, I was convinced that we were going to get a substantial gun bill passed through the Senate,” he said. “I have come to realize that this is a long game that involved building up the political operation on our side. That is just as significant. I am convinced that it will happen, but it will take years, not months.”

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    There has to be adequate background checks, but yes, we gun owners have NO PROBLEM with the shooting of bad guys!

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