Hartford Police located a husband and wife  from North Adams Massachusetts and their  20 year old   special needs child after Massachusetts State Police  asked for assistance in locating them.They told Hartford Police the  couple was suicidal and were intent on harming their child.

About 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon  they were located   near 10 Campfield Avenue.The child was unharmed.The  van 45 year old Patrick Gaffey and 41 year old Debra Gaffey were operating was reported stolen.They were found in possession of heroin.They were taken into custody without incident.

Patrick Gaffey was charged by Hartford Police with Larceny?Taking Without Owners Permission, Possession of Narcotics and Possession of Narcotics  Wthin 1500 feet of a School.he was also charged with being a  Fugitive From Justice  for an oustanding warrant  from North Adams Police for  breaking and entering  building  with intent  to commit a felony, Malicious  Destruction of  Property and Larceny.

Debra Gaffety was charged with  Possession of Narcotics and Possession of Narcotics Within 1500 Feet of a School.

Their child was taken to Hartford Hospital for evaluation.Massachusetts  Children and Families agency was   contacted.




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