MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Young women and girls in Vermont need to know more about personal finance and find more ways to get along with each other, according to a report released Tuesday by a group of Vermont women and business leaders.

The report by The Task Force on Young Women and the Vermont Economy was released after members met 18 times in six months and deliberated for 125 hours while preparing the report.

The group came up with nine suggestions, including incorporating personal finance education into state education standards, urging adults to address “peer aggression” and not ignore it as a “teenage rite of passage.”

Additional goals include getting more women into science and technical careers by calling for employers to work with schools and nonprofit groups to expose middle school- and high school-aged girls to non-traditional jobs.

“Preparing all young people to make informed decisions about career and money is a no-brainer, but it’s especially critical for women, because women live longer, bank less earnings over their lifetimes, and are more likely to live in poverty at all ages,” said Tiffany Bluemle, the executive director of Vermont Works for Women, a member of the task force. “We are thrilled at task force members’ investments of energy and wisdom to create collective impact together, to change the story for girls and young women once and for all.”

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