In an essay published in the most recent issue of Vogue magazine, a woman who lost her three young daughters and parents in a Christmas Day house fire in Stamford two years ago opens up about life after tragedy.

Much of the essay written by Madonna Badger is a visceral depiction of the events of Christmas Day 2011. From the time the fire broke out, to the moment she learned that everyone was dead except her and her then-boyfriend, contractor Michael Borcina.

Badger talks about the group of friends that stayed close to her while she dealt with this unimaginable horror. One of those friends that hung by her side – college friend William Duke – is now engaged to Badger, the two set to be married next September.

She called the continued pain at times “a prison cell”.

Badger did finally find a place for the ashes of her family.

She says, “I found a beautiful spot for them up on a hill and I can feel my girls and my parents with me every day. This gives me immeasurable help.”


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