PRINCETON, N.J. (CBS Connecticut) – A recent Gallup Poll indicates that Americans would rather have a male boss than a female boss, if offered the choice.

While the majority of respondents throughout the United States told researchers that they did not feel strongly in either way regarding the gender of their supervisors, those who did have a position on the matter were more in favor of having a man in charge in their office.

“If Americans were taking a new job and had their choice of a boss, they would prefer a male boss over a female boss by 35 percent to 23 percent, although four in 10 would have no preference,” those involved in the study observed, according to a release on their findings.

Though the idea of a female boss continues to be less popular in the United States, the popularity of the idea has grown significantly over the years. In the past six decades, preference for a female supervisor has grown by 18 percentage points.

Conversely, preference for male supervisors has decreased by 31 percentage points in the same amount of time.

Researchers noted that the experience of working for a woman has influenced how many feel about the concept.

“Among working Americans, 54 percent say they currently work for a man, while 30 percent work for a woman,” the release stated. “Those who currently work for a woman are as likely to prefer having a female boss as a male one.”

The findings were determined by examining information received during the annual Work and Education survey, which Gallup conducted in August. A total of 2,059 American adults were selected at random for participation.

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