Local and federal officials say they have arrested twenty-two people in a drug ring that shipped heroin, cocaine and marijuana from California to the greater Hartford area.

Investigators say some of the drugs were also coming from New York.

Police found 4 kilograms of heroin, a hundred pounds of marijuana, and more than $150-thousand in cash.

On August 7, Hartford Police tried to stop a vehicle that authorities suspected had come from a drug buy.  The vehicle crashed into a tree, and the three people inside ran away.  Police caught two of them, including 23-year-old Carlos Ramos of Hartford. Ramos was wanted in Puerto Rico on charges including murder and shooting at a police officer.

Authorities say the DEA Hartford Task Force began investigating Luis Fernandez in January, using wiretaps and undercover drug buys.  Investigators say family members and associates were sending the drugs from California.

Most of the people arrested were captured October 9.  Most of them face drug dealing charges.

Two of the people arrested were also charged with stealing heroin from a third defendant.

Police are still looking for two people in connection with the drug ring.


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