Here’s a look at what you can hear this morning with Ray Dunaway…

At 6:50am… A top CDC expert declared that “miracle drugs” that have saved millions are no match against “superbugs” because people have over-medicated themselves.  Dr. Bernard Clark, Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Associate Chief of the Section of Cardiology at St Francis Hospital discusses with Ray.

Then, at 7:20am, Chris Wilson, Candidate for Bristol Mayor will be on the line. In addition to the election, also on the ballot this year is a term limit proposal.

At 8:20am, Sen. Toni Boucher is on with Ray.  When the governor travels, state police officers go along to provide security. On a recent fundraising trip to California, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was accompanied by three troopers, which Republican state Sen. Toni Boucher said Monday she has confirmed. Boucher, running for governor, wants the state Democratic party to pick up the tab, saying although the governor is entitled to be accompanied on trips by state troopers, drivers, and security personnel, if he uses their services in relation to political fundraising activities, then his party should pay for their airfare, wages, overtime pay, car rentals, or hotel rooms.

And at 8:50am, Melinda Beck, reporter for the Wall Street Journal covering healthcare will talk about signing up for insurance on the new health-care marketplaces.  We all know this process can be challenging enough without having to remember your high-school mascot, or your favorite childhood superhero, the manager at your first job or the street you lived on in third grade… Those are just some of the security questions being offered to shoppers on the state and federal exchange sites as a way to verify their identities—and they are leaving some would-be customers flummoxed.

All this, plus Weather and Traffic on the 8’s, Scott Gray’s Sports Commentary and much more.  Tune in to WTIC NewsTalk 1080 or Click Here to listen online.


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