Hartford, CT (CBS Connecticut) Republicans have raised questions about Governor Dannel Malloy’s recent fundraising trip to California.  Malloy said he would not apologize for raising money for Democratic causes– and said he expects to continue to do so in future.

Malloy said he will look into  Republican criticism that he attended an event in California paid for by a Connecticut state contractor, saying “To the best if my knowledge I did not solicit that person.  That doesn’t mean that somebody isn’t at an event that I attend.    I attend lots of events where lots of people are and I don’t know what their status is.”

Republican candidate for governor John McKinney says he’s concerned that the governor could have solicited a state contractor for contributions to the Democratic Party.  He says the contractor in question received almost $4 million in state contracts as recently as 2011 and 2012.

McKinney says the trip itself raises red flags, adding “The Governor of the state of Connecticut soliciting money for his party from state contractors is simply wrong.  If it’s not a violation of our laws it should be”

McKinney says more information is needed about Malloy’s trip,  and says he’ll propose a review of the state’s campaign solicitation law  in the next legislative session.

Malloy said his trip was to help other Democrats and the party as a whole,  pointing out that he himself is not a candidate:  “I am not a candidate for governor at this time; I may be at some future time.  I am not raising money for my campaign at this time —  as opposed to,  I think at last count,  seven different Republicans.”

Malloy said his trip was paid for by Democrats,  and that he followed rules used by previous governors regarding taxpayer funding to pay for his State Police escort.

McKinney said more investigation is needed to determine if any laws were broken,  and says it should not look as if Connecticut is for sale.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ A state contractor attended California fundraising events last weekend at which Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also participated, the governor said.

The Hearst Connecticut Media Group reported  that Malloy told reporters on Wednesday he could not remember specific fundraising events during his visit to the San Francisco area.

He said guests at fundraisers included Leonard Mendonca, a director of McKinsey & Co., a state contractor that would be prohibited from contributing if the governor were an announced candidate. He has not said whether he will seek a second term next year.

“I don’t believe we have solicited them,” Malloy said. “We’ll look at it. To the best of my knowledge, I did not solicit that person.”
Jonathan Harris, executive director of the Democratic State Central Committee, which paid for Malloy’s trip, accompanied the governor.

A spokeswoman for McKinsey & Co. in San Francisco did not immediately return a call and email on Thursday seeking comment.
Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield, the leading Republican with a candidate committee for the 2014 nomination for governor, criticized Malloy’s out-of-state fundraising.

“The revelation that the governor met with a state contractor while on a fundraising trip for the Democratic Party raises a number of questions,” he said.

The Democratic State Central Committee said Wednesday it raises money through two committees. One committee, which can be used for the party’s candidates for governor, does not accept contributions from state contractors, it said.

A federal committee imposes no restrictions on contributions by state contractors, state Democrats said.

“The Connecticut Democratic Party will continue to aggressively fundraise going forward,” it said.

Party officials said they are responding to money being spent for the 2014 elections by what they called conservative tea party groups and Republican political action committees.

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