HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Hartford) – A new study found that drinking three small glasses of wine a week could reduce the chances of conception for women.

Researchers studied women’s drinking habits in the months prior to beginning fertility treatment discovering that even low quantities of alcohol had a striking impact on the ability for them to conceive children.

“My advice to patients is always to limit or abstain from alcohol,” lead study author Dara Godfrey explained to The Telegraph. “But whether they do or not it’s up to them.”

Women who had undergone three rounds of failed in vitro fertilization and who drank an average of just three small glasses of wine a week had a 30 percent chance of conceiving over a three year period.  While women who abstained from all alcohol had a 90 percent chance of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy the study found.

“Alcohol definitely has a detrimental effect on pregnancy success,” Godfrey who is an IVF specialist from Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, explained further.

Godfrey noted that the same impact could occur in women who are trying to conceive naturally and that researchers hadn’t found the exact mechanism that causes alcohol to reduce fertility.  She said it’s possible it jeopardizes normal egg development.

The study of 90 women was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine‘s annual conference in Boston, Mass.


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