The NFL Week 6 Skinny…for the Locals


The National Football League season is six weeks old and the skinny isn’t likely to excite too many fans in the New York metro market, where Boston sports envy has become as contagious as the flu in January.  Even the team the Big Apple tabs have been touting as good is bad and their futures market is dotted with red arrows.  Next up for the Jets, the New England Patriots, and if you haven’t seen a pattern in the last ten days you’ve been glued to the baseball post season and haven’t been paying attention.

The Jets were the toast of Broadway five weeks and three wins into the season, but it was an easy assension.  They had no competition.  The Yankees and Mets seasons ended ingloriously, the Knicks, Nets and Rangers were just beginning to stretch their muscles and the cohabitants at the Meadowlands were well on their way to becoming the biggest busts of the season, just two years removed from a Super Bowl championship.

The Giants season was over almost before it began.  Where age and injuries have caught up with them, the Giants are second only to the Yankees.  In terms producing results in spite of the age and the injuries, The Yankees somehow managed to stay in contention to the wire, leaving the Giants in a league of their own.  With an aging, overrated defense, overrated because someone forgot to factor in the age, and an offense that never had a chance to get in gear because it never produced a running game, and just when it looked like it was about to, Brandon Jacobs joined the parade to the sidelines, the Giants are 0-6. Their only chance of being a factor the rest of the way stems from the fact they may be in the one division that can be won with a 7-9 record.

As for the Jets, that 3-3 may be the most watered down .500 mark in history.  Two of those wins were last minute gifts from the opposition.  A Tampa Bay boneheaded defensive play was all that kept the Jets from starting the season with a loss and spending the rest of it under water.  They’ve played to a 1-5 record, only the bottom line says otherwise.  Those Jets who were so hapless against the previously winless Steelers on Sunday were the team that’s likely to finish the season from here.

Count me among those who looked at the Patriots minus the unmentionable Aaron Herndandez, the oft injured Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady’s favorite security blanket, Wes Welker, and said, “The run ends here.”  For five weeks it looked like that would be the case.  Forgot to put two factors into the equation, Brady and Bill Belichik, who so elquently expressed in ten words or less, that if he doesn’t have confidence in them they are somewhere other than on the field on Sunday afternoons.

With Aaron Dobson, Austin Collie and Julian Edelman finally living up to their coach’s confidence in them and Kendrell Thompkins giving Brady a new comfort level, even with Danny Amendola banged up, quarterback and recieving corps are now in sync and another member of Belichik’s “confidence corps”, Stevan Ridley, is establishing a running game to set them up.  As for defense, one word.  Belichick.

The skinny after week six is a New York fan’s worst nightmare.  Welker, Peyton Manning and the Broncos may have something to say about it, but there’s an odds on chance the Patriots will find their way back to the Super Bowl, which could make for a very cold February day at Met Life.  With a comment from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.


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