NFL- Makes No Sense to Me

Yesterday the topic was how much sense, or how little sense, it makes for the National Football League to meet with Native American groups who want to change the name of the Washington Redskins without including Redskins owner Daniel Snyder in the discussion.

It’s not the only area where the NFL has trouble making sense.  This is, afterall, the league that will bring you outdoor football in New York in February for it’s showcase event, which may just be a case of taking their faith in global warming one step too far.

The NFL wants to add two more playoff teams, upping the ante from 12 to 14, as soon as 2015.  They could do it without actually extending the length of the post season, by playing first round games on three consecutive days, Friday Saturday and Sunday, or Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  While the idea may actually be overdue, just be honest about the reasons.  I don’t see any sense to the reasoning that adding playoff teams will add relevance to the fourth pre season game, which the owners don’t want to drop because it takes away a gate that goes on the season ticket tab at regular season prices.  To make it up they’d have to add at least one game to the regular season, which the players union is already on record as being adamantly opposed to.  It’s all about money, more teams in the playoffs, more teams in the running, playing in front of more fans later in the season, selling more lisenced products.  Saying it adds relevance to the fourth pre season game makes no sense at all, not when some teams have already reached the point of sitting star players for all four games, due to “nagging injuries” that don’t keep them from practicing with the team or from getting miraculously healthy just in time for the regular season.

The dates and opponents have yet to be determined, but there will be three games played at London’s Wembley Stadium next season, the Raiders, Falcons and Jaguars serving as the host teams, as the NFL continues to explore expansion into a new market.  Granted, there are teams that would benefit from a venue change, but how much sense does London make?  Good luck to the team that draws the trans-Atlantic road schedule and the costs that go with it.  How many free agents, other than those who are desparate for NFL employment, want to have their closest road game six hours, an ocean and a trip through customs away.  Now do that, and worse, 10 times a year, while playing in front of half full houses that still don’t get the game you play.  Anyone remember “Family Guy’s” Peter Griffin and the Silly Nannies against Tom Brady and the Patriots?  Anyone familiar with the NFL draft knows that just drafting a player, or wanting to draft a player, doesn’t always put him in your uniform.  Blue chip college players and their agents are well aware of their leverage and they’ll use it to avoid going where they don’t want to be.

At least that team won’t have to worry about an 11th trans-Atlantic trip.  It isn’t likely to be the caliber of team that will be competing for one of those 14 playoff spots, which doesn’t make much sense at all.  With a comment from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.


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