An ancient shipwreck may have been discovered at the bottom of the Connecticut River in Old Saybrook.

Archaeologists say evidence has been found to suggest that a 200-year-old battleship from the War of 1812 sits at the bottom of the Connecticut River.

The Hartford Couran
t reports that it lies in several feet of water off Watrous Point – about a mile south of the harbor.

The evidence that has led to this theory – a “ballast pile” was found, which is an oblong mound of stones that were once possibly in the ship’s hold for stability and remained there after the hull disintegrated in the water.

Even more evidence – ancient musket balls were found buried in a lawn on the banks of where the dig is going on, suggesting they might have come in a battle in which the ship – the Young Anaconda – was sunk.

Archaeologists started the dig last week and are expected back at it this week.


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