Scott looks ahead to baseball’s postseason…and his pick to win it all


You think this job is easy?  So do I sometimes.  Take this morning.  It was going to be real easy, had it all planned out before I went away for the weekend.  Come in, sit down and get right to work wrapping up the Major League Baseball season.  More accurately, previewing the post season, and staking my reputation by telling you who I think is going to be the last team standing as we turn to November, hoping the World Series beats the first snow.  Simple, right?  Would be if the regular season had ended on time and all the issues were settled before I settled in to play prognosticator.  Would have been real simple if that other issue, the elephant in the room to the east, hadn’t reared it’s ugly head, requiring a comment or two, which I assure you, one way or the other, whatever we know then that we don’t know now, I will get to tomorrow morning.  For now, sticking to my original plan, baseball, specifically the post season.  Whatever happens tonight in Texas to determine that one unresolved issue, my mind isn’t going to change.  I’m just glad it played out the way it did because it’s going to make the American League Playoffs a lot more exciting than they were destined to be before the Indians and Rangers got so danged hot.  That’s why the Rangers will win the wild card play-in game tonight.  They’re hot, they’re home and David Price, 0-4 against the Rangers with an ERA in the statosphere in Arlington, is on the mound for the Rays.  For the same reason, red hot and at home, the Indians will beat the Rangers and that’s where the American League Playoffs get really exciting, when Terry Francona leads the Indians into Fenway for his, and the Red Sox, first post season appearance in three years, since you know who was their manager.  As hot as the Indians are the Sox won’t need all seven games to put that one away.  Since the All Star break there hasn’t been a single peak or valley in Red Sox nation.  If ever a team was consistent and ready this is it.  And that will set up a meeting of the two most dangerous, not necessarily best, but most dangerous teams in baseball, the Red Sox and Tigers, in the ALCS, unless you believe the Tigers hitters and pitchers are suddenly going to be cooled by the hot Oakland A’s.  I do not.  Home field will be crucial in the ALCS which is reason number two why the Red Sox will win it.  Reason number one is the Sox, vastly underrated going into the season, are the better team.  In the National League the two teams that deserve most to be there will be, neither of them from that lingering wild card-divsion issue in the Central Division.  The Braves will lose to the Dodgers, who, like the Red Sox, were rock solid consistent in the second half.  Had to be, or Don Mattingly would have lost his job.  The Braves had the better record, but that’s simply because if the Nationals were so determined to hand the East over to them the Braves had no choice but to run away with it.  If there’s a team out there anywhere that can beat the Red Sox in a seven game series, it isn’t the Los Angeles Dodgers, or any other team I see in this mix.  Tune up the Duck Boats.  With a simple prediction from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.



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