New London police were called to two separate reports of cars driven into houses within just a few hours on Thursday.  In one case,  only slight damage was reported to the home’s siding and wood framing,  but in the second accident the building was condemned, at least until its structural integrity could be assured.

Police say just  before 8:00 p.m., a woman with a small child in the car drove into a three-family home at 182 Vauxhall Street,  lodging the vehicle into the living room.  23-year-old Fabiola Belidor of New London was cited for operating with a suspended license and failing to stop at a stop sign.  Police say both she and the child were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.  The building department condemned the structure until it could be evaluated and the vehicle removed.

Just four and a half hours earlier police had been been called to 490 Pequot Avenue with a report of a motor vehicle into a house.  They say in that case,  the car, parked on an incline,  without the emergency brake, rolled against the house, causing slight damage.


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