The second of two East Haven houses hit by a plane earlier this month will be demolished Wednesday.  Two sisters in the house and two people on the plane were killed when the aircraft approaching Tweed New Haven Airport crashed into the house and caught fire.

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo met with Joanne Mitchell,  whose daughters Sade Brantley and Madisyn Mitchell were killed, to see if there were any items she wanted taken from the home before it is razed.  Demolition is due to begin at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday.

Maturo says because the lower half of the house at 64 Charter Oak Avenue is contaminated by jet fuel,  it will be sent for proper treatment,  while the upper portion will be disposed of at another location.  After the house is demolished,  it will be reviewed for contamination,  and the National Transportation Safety Board is expected to review it one more time as part of its investigation of the crash.

The other house destroyed in the crash already has been demolished.


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