The state Department of Agriculture is alerting the public to a voluntary shellfish recall.

The department says it is voluntarily recalling oysters and clams harvested from waters in Norwalk and Westport.

That’s due to the naturally occurring bacterium vibrio parahaemolyticus.  It causes diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, headace, fever, and chills.

Oysters, mussels, hard clams, littleneck clams, chowder clams, quahogs, and soft-shell steamers harvested between July 3 and August 2 are part of the recall.

Twenty-two harvest locations in Norwalk and Westport are covered in the recall.

The harvest locations are below:

CT 79 Westport

CT 123 Westport

CT 207 Westport

CT 173 Westport

CT 109 Norwalk

CT 20 Westport

CT 21 Norwalk

CT 109 Norwalk

CT 253 Norwalk

CT 268 Westport

CT 254 Westport

CT 599 Westport

CT 255 Norwalk

CT 270 Norwalk

CT 595C Westport

CT 595D Westport

CT 105 Westport

CT 207 Westport

CT 67 Westport

CT 171 Westport

CT 71 Westport

CT 73 Norwalk


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