Three people were arraigned Wednesday in the killing of a man whose body was found in the woods in Suffield, his hands and legs tied and his mouth covered with a paisley handkerchief.  All three were the roommates of victim Peter Boateng.

According to court documents filed by police, one of the defendants, Jose Rodriguez admitted beating the victim with a baseball bat, and then dumping the body.

Jose Rodriguez Warrant

Rodriguez said he did it because he was afraid the victim’s drunken outbursts would get Rodriguez, his baby, and his baby’s mother evicted from the apartment.

Instead, Rodriguez and his baby’s mother are now jailed on bond pending trial.

Another roommate, Anthony Hudson said Rodriguez had argued continuously with victim Peter Boateng over rent.

The other roommate said Rodriguez and his girlfriend, Meaghan Cowles took over the victim’s room after killing him, despite the stench of death.

Hudson allegedly failed to call the police, when he saw the victim had been seriously wounded and tied up.   Cowles allegedly suggested Suffield as a place to dump the body.  She had previously lived in the Northern Connecticut town.

When detectives first went to the apartment, they said the roommates seemed deceitful.

A cadaver sniffing-dog detected blood and human decomposition in the victim’s bedroom.

A search found blood spatter in the bedroom, and a suitcase which matched a duffel bag the victim’s body was found in.


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