Scott returns to the Media and the Locals at the All Star Break:


This isn’t what I really wanted to talk about this morning, but it’s nice to know the sports media hasn’t lost it’s touch in the last two weeks, so allow me to get a couple of things off my chest before I get to what I wanted to talk about.  During the NBC telecast of the Scottish Open we watched Phil Mickelson’s birdie putt to move into a tie for the lead, after the fact.  With Mickelson in or near the lead the entire final round we saw a number of his shots after the fact, after commercials.  The next time that happens to Tiger Woods will be the first time.  He can be ten shots back and as long as he’s still on the course we see every shot live.  I got to catch up on the New York media on my three hour commute to work this morning and they did not disappoint.  After years of being told otherwise, now that Metta World Peace, the former Ron Artest, has cleared waivers and is clearly in the New York Knicks sights, the New York pundits take the position that World Peace is not really a bad guy, he just got that reputation based on one incident, the infamous “Malice in the Palace”, when he went after some fans and drew a half season suspension.  Now the New York media is is more than eager to give “Peace” a chance.  Don’t believe them.  He’s a bad guy.  What I really wanted to talk about was the first half of the baseball season, and didn’t that happen fast.  With a blink of the eye, here we are at the All Star break, and I do recall making a comment about how the American League East was likely to once again come down to the two teams everyone was writing off, the Red Sox and Yankees.  Both are right there, only five games separating the two teams in the loss column.  Of course, there are those pesky Rays and Orioles positioned squarely between the Sox, on top, and the Yanks, in fourth place.  No one really saw that coming either.  The Blue Jays, as I recall, were going to cash in on a lot of player moves and dollars spent and dominate the division.  They’ll have to do it from 11-1/2 games back.  I’ve always held that any team within 10 games at the break is very much in the race.  Since 1967, and long time Red Sox fans with a memory for baseball history will know why, I’ve believed that any team within six games is in the heat of the battle.  So, there you go Red Sox and Yankees fans.  And they start the second half of the season head up, in New York.  The Sox get an early chance to dispose of the Yanks before they get healthy.  But the local favorite that’s best positioned for the future may be the Mets.  By this time next year they may have the best rotation in baseball, if Dillon Gee isn’t just a mirage behind the kid from Mystic, Matt Harvey, and Zach Wheeler.  You know the percentage of importance they put on pitching.  And the Mets do have a cornerstone player or two among the everyday eight and they’ve won seven of their last nine series.  My only disagreement with the prognosticators on the Mets is they may be just one year away from a return to the playoffs, not two.  We got to the All Star break in a hurry, and the local teams all got there with good reason to pay close attention the rest of the way.  That’s what I really wanted to talk about, but that damn media keeps getting in the way.  With a comment from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.


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