CHICAGO (CBS) — Think you’re the Blackhawks’ most loyal fan? You’ve probably got nothing on a guy from Skokie who’s been to more than 2,100 consecutive home games.

WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger reports Bob Gertenrich, of Skokie, is anything but a fair-weather fan. The longtime season ticket holder hasn’t missed a single home game since 1966, even during what he calls the team’s lean years.

“At one time … they had 3,400 season ticket holders. Now they’ve got a waiting list of almost 13,000,” Gertenrich said.

He’s attended 2,152 consecutive home games – both at the United Center and the original “Madhouse on Madison,” the old Chicago Stadium.

“It’s the best game of all-time to watch live,” he said.

After his 2,000th consecutive game, he was invited into the Blackhawks locker room, and got a congratulatory phone call from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Not even surgery last year, or his mother’s death on a game day in 1991 could stop him from missing a Blackhawks game on home ice.

“Well, she passed at 2 o’clock in the morning, so that night I went to the game. You know, I left here at 6:30 at night,” he said.

Gertenrich said he gauges inflation by the cost of his tickets.

“The first year I went, my tickets were $2.50. Now they’re $74,” he said.

The rising cost hasn’t stopped Gertenrich from already putting in his down payment for next year’s season tickets.

He predicted the Blackhawks would beat the Boston Bruins in six games to take home Lord Stanley’s Cup. He said Game 7 would fall on his 67th birthday, and he doesn’t think he could handle the stress.


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