State lawmakers and public health advocates joined at the Capitol Thursday afternoon in support of legislation that would protect children from toxins.

At the Rally for Toxic-Free Kids, the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut voiced their support for House Bill 6489, Concerning Chemicals of High Concern in Children’s Products. Under the legislation, the Department of Public Health would be required to send a report to lawmakers every two years, detailing their evaluation of the current status of toxins in children’s products.

Among the speakers at the rally was former UConn men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun, who also voiced his support for the bill. Calhoun described toxins as one of the unintended consequences of technological advancement.

Coalition coordinator Anne Hulick says that passing the legislation would set up a system that would provide health officials with a clearer line of communication to lawmakers, allowing them to more easily make reccomendations on how the risk of of exposure could be limited.

As the house bill remains under consideration, the Coalition faces a potentially long road ahead. Similar bills making restrictions on Bisphenol-A and fire-retardant chemicals died in committee earlier this session.

Click here to view a photo gallery from the rally.


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