A judge today ordered a UConn law school student to stay off campus, and have NO contact with members of the faculty.

Members of the Student Bar Association told police they felt targeted or upset when they got anti-Semitic emails, one of which also included a racial epithet aimed at black people.

Police say the messages came from Anya Bargh.

The law school student was charged with second degree harassment and second degree breach of peace.

Investigators say the 32-year-old had also posted messages online, using an anti-gay slur to describe professors, and making sexual comments about them.

One of the professors told police it seemed like she was trying to ruin his reputation.

Another said he was concerned that she was targeting him, and he was concerned that she eventually hurt someone physically.

A police arrest warrant describes messages sent from student Anya Bargh’s email account, to the Student Bar Association.

Bargh allegedly wrote “Lets celebrate diversity by having the next dean NOT be Jewish.”

In another message, she said Jews at the school made her sick, and she used a racial epithet against black people.

Police say in an online post, Bargh said she wanted to see one professor butchered.

In other online posts she used anti-gay slurs against two professors, and made sexual comments about them.

In one online posting, she swore at a professor, and said he owed her $3,000 in pig fat.

In the arrest warrant, police say Bargh has filed complaints against professors, when she received unacceptable grades.


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