A rally at the State Capitol brought hundreds of gun rights supporters together Saturday to lament the passage of Connecticut’s new gun control law.

Among the messages on signs in the crowd were “Gun control only disarms the law abiding,” “Guns didn’t make America unsafe, Congress did,” “Every day millions of gun owners hurt no one,” and “Criminals need unarmed victims.”

There were calls for gun rights activists to get more involved in the political process and help identify and support potential candidates to replace those in office today.

Scott Wilson, president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, which organized the rally, said gun rights supporters will fight the new law “using the courts and also do what we can to un-elect the folks that signed that into law.”

Many in the crowd, which was predominantly men and predominantly white, were unabashedly carrying firearms.

One of the speakers, Brooke Cheney, a mother of two from Harwinton, suggested that rather than coming up with laws that might save one child, we should aim higher.

“Save thousands, not just one,” Cheney said. “How do we do this? We address the real problem of violence. We stand up in our homes and communities, and teach morals and the value of life. We help our neighbors.”

The CCDL says its membership grew from fewer than 2,500 to more than 7,000 since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting Dec. 14.


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