Enfield’s Board of education tonight approved new security measures — including armed guards.

The armed guards and other security measures were approved in a 5 – 4 vote.

Board of Education Vice Chair Vincent Grady says the armed guards are part of a larger package of school security upgrades.

“It could be a deterrent, but if some [other] measures don’t work, you have a measure to help slow down or eliminate any potential harm to teachers or students inside the school,” Grady said.

But Board member Joyce Hall says armed guards are beyond what the school district needs.

“It has been pushed into being without adequately allowing enough people to take part in the decision-making,” Hall said.

Speaking to the board during the meeting, several parents said the money would be better spent on things other than armed guards, like physical improvements in the school buildings, or more security drills.

Some parents said they had not made up their minds about the issue, saying that they were worried that their children might be frightened by armed guards.


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