A new Quinnipiac University Poll of Connecticut voters says support in the state for universal background checks for gun owners shows higher support than for any issue in the twenty years the poll has been conducting surveys in the state.

The poll of more than a thousand voters taken earlier this week found that 93 per cent of those questioned support background checks for gun purchasers,  including 89 per cent among voters who live in households where there are guns.

The poll also found 68 percent for an expansion of a statewide ban on assault weapons among the public at large,  with 44 percent support for such a ban among gun owners.  Sixty-eight percent also support banning sale of ammunition magazines containing more than ten rounds, with 49 percent of gun owners backing such a ban.

Poll Director Douglas Schwartz says 46 per cent support a proposed ban on violent point-and-shoot video arcade games for those younger than 18, with 48 percent opposed. and 45 percent favor prohibiting those convicted of drunk driving, with 48 percent opposed

Half of those questioned say they support mandatory liability insurance for gun owners and 76 percent support stronger gun storage requirements. Among gun owners, 65 percent backed stricter storage requirements.

(Click here to see the full survey results)


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