NEWTOWN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) — Princeton University professor Cornel West says society needs to start caring about children of color getting killed in urban areas like they do for the kids gunned down in the Newtown school shooting.

During his radio show with Tavis Smiley, the civil rights activist called on people to be more attentive to violence that happens in black communities.

“We can’t just shed tears for those on the vanilla side of town. They are precious, but they are no less or more precious than our poor brothers and sisters on Indian reservations (who are killing each other) or be they black or brown or what have you,” West said, according to Atlanta Black Star.

West added that there is “not a peep” when black people get shot.

“[I]t’s a good thing that we now have a discussion on gun control. We need one on drone control,” he said, according to Atlanta Black Star. “Not a peep, not a mumbling word when black folk get shot. But now, Newtown, Connecticut, vanilla side — low and behold we got a major conversation. That’s wonderful. Each life is precious but it just upsets me when we’re so deferential.”

West previously called President Obama a “coward” when it comes to gun control following the school shooting and that the president only cares when white children get killed

Gunman Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14. No motive has yet been given.

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