SALEM, Mass. (CBS Connecticut) – An area man was ticketed after he ran himself over with his car Monday.

According to the Salem Patch, police were brought to the scene in response to calls regarding a truck hitting a fire hydrant. What they found was injured 40-year-old Lynn, Mass. resident Brian Reynolds, who was lying facing downward in the street.

According to police records, Reynolds told responding authorities that the trouble began when his brakes failed to work near the entrance to Mack Park.

At that time, he tried to halt the wayward vehicle by opening the door and using his foot to stop it.

He reportedly fell out of his car in the process, which proceeded to roll over his leg. The car then continued down the street before hitting the fire hydrant and coming to a stop.

The Patch learned that Reynolds was hospitalized for treatment. He was subsequently issued a ticket for driving with defective equipment.


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