An investigation found that s State Police lieutenant was justified in shooting a knife-weilding man on Route 8 in Torrington.

“The report indicates that the family indicated that he had produced a knife earlier that morning, before he left the house,” said Litchfield States Attorney David Shepack.

Relatives said in the hours before the fatal shooting, 78-year-old Frank Escribano had pointed a knife at his sister and at himself.

According to the report, Escribano told relatives he wanted to get the police to shoot him.

An autopsy found signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in Escribano, and thickening of the arteries in his brain, a condition that can cause strokes or personality changes.

Drivers on the highway told investigators that they saw Frank Escribano swinging a kife, and moving towards Lieutenant Clayton Brown.

The report says Brown did NOT have a stun gun.

One of the drivers said Brown looked shaken up after the shooting.


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