So, what is there to talk about in the sports world today ??

Jerry Seinfeld’s got nothing on me, because that’s exactly what I’ve got this morning, nothing. If you think this job is easy try writing a commentary on a morning when there’s nothing to write about, when the sports world gets buried in the political landscape with only the NBA daring to be chewed up by the scenery, but without any of our regional favorites in action. Jerry Seinfeld and his pal George Costanza, you may remember, thought they had a novel idea when they pitched a “Show about nothing” to NBC. In that spirit I present to you everything I’ve got on an empty sports morning, a commentary about nothing. I suppose I could write about Roger Goodell’s concerns that the National Football League is losing fans to, the National Football League. He’s worried that with all the new technology in sports broadcasting, especially high definition T-V, the presentation of the NFL on television has become so good it will keep fans from going to the games. Though the NFL is playing to 97% capacity, only four games out of 132 this season lost to the television audience due to the league’s blackout rule, one NFL exec says, “The television experience has become so good we’re starting to compete with ourselves.” But, in keeping with the theme of this piece, it’s much ado about nothing, Roger. It’s the ticket prices, parking costs and personal seat licenses, not television, that will keep fans from going to your games. What do we have to report from the National Hockey League contract negotiations this morning? Nothing. For a league that has become almost irrelevant, with no one paying attention to their lockout while other, more popular sports are being played, you would have thought if they wanted to make a splash, grab the lead on every sports network with nothing to compete with, this would be the morning. Remove the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder and even the interest level in the NBA was at a lull. What we get from the NHL after seven hours of meetings yesterday is “More meetings today.” In other words, they’ll have an announcement sometime in the future, when it falls behind the NBA, the NHL and baseball’s free agent flurry in the assignment editor’s pecking order. This morning, when I need it most, nothing. Three days of Major League Baseball’s general managers meetings going on in Indian Wells, California and what do we have to show for it so far? Nothing. Unless you count the Yankees picking up a couple of non descript pitchers on waivers. As for any meat on this bone of nothingness, Yankees GM Brian Cashman says he’s not expecting any approaches about Alex Rodriquez and his remaining 114 mil and don’t expect the Yanks to step back from their pledge to go under the salary cap and do something stupid or newsworthy like signing free agent Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. So they had to move the “Battle of Midway” from Friday night to Sunday afternoon due to rain in the San Diego forecast. You call that something. I don’t. It’s nothing. The fact that it’s going to rain in San Diego is the bigger part of that story and this isn’t a weather commentary. Apologies to Jerry and George, with a comment about nothing from the sports world, I’m Scott Gray.


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