BOSTON (CBS Connecticut) – A recent study found that young girls don’t feel they have as many career options as boys do.

According to the Boston Business Journal, 1,600 middle school students were interviewed by researchers involved with the study.

Of those students questioned, a reported 55 percent of girls and 73 percent of boys agreed that “there are some jobs that boys are better at than girls.”

Additionally, just over a quarter of the girls and 35 percent of the boys felt that men have more career options.

“Sadly the gendered landscape is still alive and present. And girls and boys get gendered messages and are making choices by the age of middle school that reflect that,” Mary Shapiro, a management professor at Simmons College who led the study, was quoted as saying by the publication. “Girl-serving organizations or any group that spends time teasing apart those gendered messages can have a positive impact.”

Each child was also asked about the prospect of pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Twice as many boys as girls said their parents would like for them to work in those fields – a reported 23 percent of boys compared to 11 percent of girls.

And only 10 percent of the girls said they would choose jobs in those fields, while 32 percent of the boys told researchers they would opt for a science- or math-oriented career path.

Students chosen for the study were from New York and Pennsylvania, as well as New England, according to the Boston Business Journal.

The study was reportedly publicized by both Simmons College and the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.


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