BOSTON (CBS) — Earlier this week, when Calvin Pace called the Patriots’ hurry-up offense “borderline illegal,” he apparently was simply echoing the sentiments of the coaching staff.

According to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, the Jets have contacted the NFL to request the officials on Sunday keep a close eye on the Patriots’ substitutions.

“We have already talked to the league office and Rex [Ryan] will be in the ref’s ear about this all game,” an unnamed member of the Jets’ coaching staff told Paolantonio.

Jets coaches, including Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, have talked about the challenges presented when facing the Patriots’ hurry-up offense, particularly regarding officials allowing the defense to make substitutions. Pettine told the New York Daily News that when the Broncos were penalized for having 14 players on the field on one play, the officials did not give the Broncos time to substitute players.

It’s awfully generous of the Jets to fight for the rights of the Denver Broncos, but it might be safe to guess that after this one’s over, a certain hooded man in Foxboro is not going to be so happy about this report.


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