KENNEBUNK, Maine (CBS Connecticut/AP) — The Zumba instructor accused of being a prostitute allegedly posted her sexual encounters online.

Several porn websites claim they have videos of Alexis Wright, 29, having sex with her male clients.

“It turns out that Alexis Wright loved to film herself during her adult pleasure time activities, and those activities are quite varied, you might say,” says men’s website Egotastic, which posted screenshots from one of the alleged videos. “And, what would you like to bet that many of these tons of amateur adult films involve her paying clients? … Yes, you silly johns, many of you are now on tape doing the nasty somewhere in the digisphere (sic).”

The site explains that Wright’s videos were posted under a specific username on various porn sites. It’s not confirmed that the woman shown in the videos is in fact Wright.

Kennebunk police said Wright videotaped many encounters without her clients’ knowledge and kept meticulous records suggesting the sex acts generated $150,000 over 18 months.

Wright, from nearby Wells, has pleaded not guilty to 106 counts of prostitution, invasion of privacy and other charges. Her business partner, 57-year-old insurance agent and private investigator Mark Strong Sr., from Thomaston, has pleaded not guilty to 59 misdemeanor charges.

Local officials expected a big impact on the community.

The prostitution charges and ensuing publicity, which reached across the country and beyond, came as a shock in the small town of about 10,000 residents, which is well-known for its ocean beaches, old sea captains’ mansions and the neighboring town of Kennebunkport, home to the Bush family’s Walker’s Point summer compound.

Some people in town said they had their suspicions about Wright, but others were in the dark about the life of the bubbly dance instructor who introduced many local women to the Latin-flavored dance and fitness program.

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