Late this afternoon, jurors returned a not guilty verdict,  for former Windsor Locks Police sergeant Robert Koistinen.  Kositinen went to trial on a charge of hindering a manslaughter investigation that targeted his son. The clerk’s office confirmed the verdict.

The jury began deliberations after lunch, and announced the verdict before the end of the business day.

Assistant States Attorney John Fahey argued that the sergeant used his position to send witnesses away, and to keep his son away from investigators.

“He knew or believed immediately at that scene that Michael had committed either manslaughter in the second degree, with respect to Henry, or tampering with evidence simply for throwing that glass away,” Fahey said.

Robert Koistinen was on duty, and responded to the crash involving his son.  A witness told the sergeant that she had seen his son throw something that turned out to be a beer glass into her yard, after the crash.

But former sergeant Robert Koistinen’s defense attorney Elliot Spector argued that his client avoided taking part in the investigation, to avoid a conflict of interest.

“Since when, does doing what is right and ethical become a crime?” Spector asked jurors.

Robert Koistinen’s son Michael Koistinen was convicted of manslaughter in a traffic crash that killed a 15-year-old bicyclist.

Michael Koistinen had allegedly been drinking before the collision that killed Henry Dang.


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