Politicians from both sides of the aisle checked in with their reactions to Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate.  Here are some statements they shared with WTIC NewsTalk 1080:

State GOP Chair Jerry Labriola, Jr.

HARTFORD-Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. released the following statement today in response to Governor Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential choice, Congressman Paul Ryan.
“Congressman Paul Ryan is an outstanding choice for Vice President. By choosing Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney is making a strong statement that fixing the economy and putting people back to work will be the top priorities of the Romney Administration.
“Rep. Ryan is serious thinker and an expert on the federal budget who will appeal not only to Republicans, but also to Independent voters in Connecticut who believe fiscal responsibility is the salient issue in this campaign.
“Paul is youthful, rising star who brings energy and strong ideas of how to reform spending and deliver a balanced budget.
“His selection is particularly good news for Connecticut Republicans. Paul’s wide appeal will add to the Republican momentum that is seeing Connecticut moving closer and closer to being Red territory on Election Day.”

Democratic State Chair Nancy DiNardo

“In naming Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate, Governor Romney has left no doubt that he has turned his back on the American people.
Romney-Ryan turn their backs on the middle class by proposing new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy that will place greater burdens on hard working Americans.
Romney-Ryan turn their backs on children and families by supporting deep cuts in education.
Romney-Ryan turn their backs on women by seeking to roll back the clock on reproductive rights.
Romney-Ryan turn their backs on the future of our workforce and ability to compete in the global marketplace by calling for drastic cuts to college aid.
Romney-Ryan turn their backs on seniors by planning to scrap Medicare and replace it with a voucher system that will heap thousands of dollars of new health care costs on our aging citizens.
This choice lays bare exactly where Governor Romney’s loyalties lie: with the wealthiest Americans.”

Joint Statement of Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch

“Today’s announcement should strike fear into the middle class and everyone who fights daily to make ends meet.  Ryan’s budget proposal would kill cities like Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven.  It is already difficult enough for Mayors; every day is a battle to invest in the right job-creating initiatives, make whole on our promise of a high-quality education for every student and maintain a high quality of life.  Ryan – and clearly Mitt Romney – thinks that slashing critical funding for social services, dismantling Medicare and tax cuts for the very wealthy is the best solution for America.

We do not support Romney’s decision, nor do we support Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” plan.  As Mayors of Connecticut’s largest cities, we encourage every resident in our respective cities to look at the facts, especially Representative Ryan’s voting record in Congress, to see what kind of future he has in mind.  November’s election will not only impact our collective future, but also our immediate quality of life and the bottom line of middle class Americans.  We’ve already had to endure the disastrous Bush/Cheney years.  At no point in recent history has it been more important that we learn from our past mistakes.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have a clear vision for America: one that is built on fairness, equity, rewarding hard-work and increased opportunity.  From saving the American car industry, to making health care more accessible and affordable, to raising educational standards – like we’ve done in Hartford and New Haven and are doing in Bridgeport – it is clear that we already have a team in the White House that is best equipped to tackle our biggest problems.”

chris shays getty nancy ostertag Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Chris Shays (Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images)

Senate Candidate Chris Shays

“Governor Romney could not have made a better choice for his running mate than his decision to name my friend and former colleague, Congressman Paul Ryan.
Paul will be a Vice President all America can be proud of.
Congressman Paul Ryan and I served together on the House Budget Committee for many years. Together we fought to cut wasteful government spending, to balance the federal budget, and help set the stage for years of economic growth.
Governor Romney said his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan is, ‘another step forward to restore the promise of America’, and I couldn’t agree more.
My sincerest congratulations to Paul Ryan, a man who has spent the past 14 years serving in Congress. He is an experienced leader, trying to restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

justin bernier matt dwyer photo Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Justin Bernier (Matt Dwyer/WTIC Photo)

Congressional Candidate Justin Bernier

“Governor Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan is a home run.  Congressman Ryan is the kind of Republican that will energize our base and attract Independents and conservative Democrats.  Our Vice Presidential candidate is principled, conservative, pro life, and hardworking.  Paul Ryan is a superb addition to the GOP’s presidential ticket.”

lisa wilson foley matt dwyer photo Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Lisa Wilson-Foley (Matt Dwyer/WTIC photo)

Congressional Candidate Lisa Wilson Foley

Republican candidate for Congress Lisa Wilson Foley Saturday called Mitt Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan for Vice President a “brilliant, strong choice for reform and opportunity.”
“Paul Ryan understands the future of our country demands action on our massive debt while promoting economic opportunity for every American,” said Wilson Foley. “Paul Ryan is a leader who can speak with great authority on how America can be great again.”
Wilson Foley, a businesswoman, said she supports Ryan’s most recent budget proposal that provides a “fair and reasoned approach to addressing our nations budget crisis.”
“Mitt Romney has demonstrated his knowledge of how business works and what working people need to pursue their dreams,” Wilson Foley said. “Paul Ryan is a perfect match for a winning team that will lead our country’s comeback.”

dannel malloy matt dwyer photo Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Dannel Malloy (Matt Dwyer/WTIC Photo)

Governor Dannel Malloy

“By selecting Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate, Governor Romney has endorsed a set of policies that are straight from the heart of a harsh right wing agenda, policies that will hurt the middle class, shred the safety net and cut medical care for seniors. This approach is so extreme, Newt Gingrich of all people called it ‘right wing social engineering.’
It’s a marked difference from President Obama’s track record and from the proposals he’s outlined going forward. And it’s a stark contrast from the approach we’ve taken in Connecticut, where we have asked everyone to share in the sacrifice. By asking those who have a little more to pay a bit more, we have maintained the safety net that defines us as a compassionate people. That approach has allowed us to stabilize the state’s finance, honestly balance the budget and reduce unemployment by 13%.”

joe courtney 0515021129 Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Joe Courtney (Matt Dwyer/WTIC Photo)

Congressman Joe Courtney

“Governor Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee affirms a Republican commitment to policies detrimental to middle class families, seniors and small businesses. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Ryan crafted a budget plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program, extend additional  ax cuts for millionaires and slash education programs, including college aid
“Not only would the Ryan Plan double the interest rate on Stafford loans, it would also cut the Pell Grant program — the cornerstone of increased access to higher education — by $170 billion. Congressman Ryan’s plan would cap grants and force scores of students into private lending markets. At a time when student loan debt exceeds home loan debt, car loan debt and has surpassed $1 billion, we can not afford to keep piling debt onto America’s next generation of workers.
“Neither our greatest nor our future generations can afford this callous scheme that would preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans by placing a disproportionate burden on the backs of middle class families, students and seniors”

rosa delauro matt dwyer photo Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Rosa DeLauro (Matt Dwyer/WTIC photo)

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
“America is going to have a conversation about the choice before us this November. Thanks to his last two proposed budgets, we all know what Paul Ryan’s vision for America is. The American middle class will face higher taxes and less help with education.  Seniors will get a voucher and higher bills for health care.  And the children of the most vulnerable will get pushed back into poverty.”
“The choice for Americans is crystal clear.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden will continue fighting for middle class families while Romney and Ryan will push for subsidies for oil companies and big banks.  The President and Vice President want Americans to have more affordable health care, and will keep fighting for that.  Romney and Ryan want to repeal health care reform, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and continue to fight about health care instead of addressing the economy.  The President and Vice President want to keep taxes low for middle class families, but Romney and Ryan will let those taxes skyrocket to pay for breaks for millionaires and billionaires. We cannot let this come to pass.”

himes Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Jim Himes (Courtesy Congressional Office)

Congressman Jim Himes

“The selection of Paul Ryan as a Vice Presidential candidate provides another opportunity for candidates running for the House of Representatives to state their positions on the extreme policies of Tea Party House members, encapsulated in the Ryan budget plan –a plan that trashes Medicare, hurts the middle class, and repeals financial regulatory reform,” said Himes for Congress Campaign Manager Justin Myers.  “The slash-and-burn approach of the Ryan budget, passed by Tea Party extremists, is a stark contrast to the responsible approach of the Simpson-Bowles plan, which Jim supported.”

With Congressman Ryan running for Vice President, candidates for the House of Representatives will have to address a key feature of the Tea Party extremists –the Ryan plan.  The New York Times noted that the Ryan budget is “the most extreme budget plan passed by a house of Congress in modern times.”  It is so abhorrent and senseless that even House Speaker John Boehner initially rejected the plan and refused to schedule the bill for a vote.

The budget would give unprecedented tax cuts we can’t afford to individuals who do not need them.  The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that the plan would reduce revenue by $4.5 trillion over the next decade.  The plan is silent on how an increase in the deficit would be avoided.

As the architect of a plan that would setback how we treat our seniors, the middle class, regulation of the financial industry, and access to women’s health services, the Ryan selection is sure to create questions for candidates seeking to join the House of Representatives.  Today’s announcement is a concrete statement in support of the policies of Tea Party extremists and an opportunity for House candidates to state a clear position on the Ryan budget plan and the best way forward.

chris donovan Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Chris Donovan (Matt Dwyer/WTIC Photo)

Congressional Candidate Chris Donovan

“Paul Ryan authored the extreme Republican plan to turn Medicare over to the health insurance companies and Social Security over to Wall Street, while giving more tax giveaways to millionaires and big oil. Democrats can win this year only if we highlight this contrast for voters and promise not to cut programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.”
“I’m the only candidate that can make that case and win in November because I am the only candidate in this race with a record of fighting for and protecting programs for seniors and children in the state House. My opponent, former Representative Elizabeth Esty, proposed a plan to cut these programs instead of asking millionaires to pay a bit more in taxes. Connecticut families deserve someone in Congress who will fight for them, not for millionaires and corporate interests.”

bysiewicz1 Connecticut Reactions To Ryan Selection

Susan Bysiewicz (Matt Dwyer/WTIC Photo)

Senate Candidate Susan Bysiewicz

Mitt Romney showed his true colors and chose to put the desires of his billionaire friends and Tea Party extremists before the needs of seniors and the middle class. Rep Ryan’s budget plan would turn Medicare into a voucher system that would cost seniors thousands in out-of-pocket costs just so billionaires can have a tax break. Giving a tax break to billionaires which is financed by seniors and the middle class is wrong. We need leaders who will stand-up for the middle class and hold Washington, Wall Street, and special interests accountable.

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